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  • August 14th 2006

I though it was easy to maintain a site because the site would attacked only people with brains... (and it is the case apparently). But I realized that I have received a lot of external information for a lot of non-intellectual purpose... That starts to work on  my nerves and get heavy on me. Nevertheless I have decided to slowly to respawn the site and make it live again - a new design will have to come although (I am working on it ;-))

Scam report for Domain Registry of America: I haven't been investigating a lot but I can assure it is true. Please refer to these links and if happens to you always start by calling/mailing you domain site registrar for feedback.

  1. Reaction from
  2. dr Bacchus Journal
  3. Log from easy DNS
  4. and a lot more....
  • August 10th 2006

The mail box below is not valid any more... I hate these spammers who are collecting any addresses just to annoy people like you and me.

  • January 17, 2006

Created a small game for my son... You may also enjoy it... Rule are so simple I do not feel like writing a manual. Still you can download it here. if you would like more information please let me know at (generic at ainenn dot org)...